A day like and unlike every other

Christmas Eve.
My first Christmas Eve I was 3 days old. I don’t remember my second one, I was just over 1 years old. I don’t recall my second or even my third one really either. My fourth one I have a vague memory of snow, a big window and a white christmas tree.

The one of the early Christmas Eve’s that stands out is the first year we spent Christmas Eve in Bloomington Indiana. It may not have been our first Christmas Eve there but it is the first one I remember. I remember coming downstairs in my Pj’s with the tree lit and presents all about.

Christmas Eve though is as well I time to reflect. It is a religious holiday but it is also a time to take stock of what and where you are as a person. Scrooge taught us that we are bound as much to what we believe we are as to what people see us as. Scrooge saw himself from the ghosts as people had, did and eventually would see him. It was enough to scare him straight so be careful today on that inward journey – moderation remains key.

It is also a time of pageantry and tradition. There are places where the tree is dark until Christmas Day. There are places without a tree. There are places where the tree is only lit Christmas Day, some places where it is lit the 12 days after Christmas. So many things to review and consider.

Honor the traditions.

Take time to see how people see you.

And in the words of the song “have your self a merry little Christmas Day!”

Scott Andersen
(all posts this blog copyright scott andersen)

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