Back home again from Indiana
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A wonderful (if short) visit to Indiana. Saw the family for Christmas. Quite wonderful and got to see Saving Mr. Banks a wonderful movie. We used to do that years ago, go to a movie on Christmas day. It was nice to return to old habits.

Dylan misses his cousins. He got to play for 3 days in a huge back yard at his Gma’s house. Now he wants to move to Indiana. Dylan has decided that his two consiins Kelly and Nelson are quite cool. His said on the way home last night that the jury is still out on Gracie – she is a bit of a pest in his eyes.

Gma nicely gave Dylan a squeaky toy. We really appreciated her last night as he squeaked that bloody toy until 11 pm.

Then after 12 hours of driving well 12 hours in the car we all crashed.

We hit a pothole on the Indiana Ohio border that blew out a run flat tire by Columbus  so we had a 54 minute delay waiting for a new tire for the car. Oh well. It isn’t a trip if something doesn’t go wrong.

For regular readers yesterday was one of the 3 blog days I missed in 2013.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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