More pictures and rain…
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As the kids get older the gifts get smaller.


Dylan, Kelly, Gracie, Pyro, Gus and Nelson (who is last because he is in charge) enjoyed playing in the bamboo forest in my parents back yard.

Its raining today and heading towards a cold start to the New Year. Its that horrible winter kind of rain (cold gray sky with sheets of water pouring out. Not the nicer summer storms (although not a thunder storm) where there are warm gray skies and sheets of water pouring out).

I am considering converting the house to solar power. You can lease the system for 1o years at a very effective rate (about 1/2 what I am paying for power now) at no up front cost. I am not 100% sure about the quality which is what is holding me back. I think there is a change/advancement coming in that technology space soon that will make a difference. So for now I am on the fence. I have my whole home generator so power failures aren’t an issue anymore. I just don’t like the reality of using carbon fuel based sources of energy. I guess I am getting old.

There is a certain melancholy that spreads over the world when it rains.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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