It is the first day of this week and the last Monday of the year…
My Amazon author page!!!!

No pictures today. I thought about posting a video but then realized too many days in a row with media and people might get used to that. I am shuffling my media around today trying to get everything backed up (Carbonite) and available for me to edit and consume. I have some Christmas videos and some slo-mo videos to play with.

I am a huge Carbonite fan. Just set it and forget it. I use the WD Home server for local backups (when I need to restore stuff) but its nice have a cloud backup service. I should probably upgrade my service this year as they now have imaging as part of their online backup service. Its cheaper than maintaining a home backup in the long run.

Today is organize the basement day – moving a few things around to create more room/space in the basement. I need to move the treadmill so that it is on the other side of the room. That way you can interact with the television on the wall from the couch.  I was thinking about building a bar in the basement but in the end realized I don’t really need a bar anymore. I have 22 bottles of unopened wine in the wine cooler which is one more than we had last year at this time. The sad thing – 20 of the bottles are the same as the ones we had last year. We consumed one at Thanksgiving (well 1/2 of one) and were given two as gifts. At this rate we may end up giving it away.

Time is the one thing you can’t have back.

We went to American Hustle yesterday. I was expecting a comedy so the overall darkness of the movie was a bit of a shock but it was a very interesting movie. In the end we are all hustling someone.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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