2013 is almost in the rear view mirror…

My Amazon author page!!!!

I have had two iPads for awhile now. As of our trip to Indiana I am now officially down one iPad but up one happy wife. So in the end it was a good trade. Now I can get an iPad air – the only reason for the Air? M7 coprocessor. The iPhone 5s is considerably faster than my iPhone 5 was. She is also ready to ditch her windows phone. Kind of sad in the end, it’s the last windows phone in the house.

The boys and I finished the basement yesterday. In the end we were only two items short of everything needed to finish it. One was a power cable for a device that I packed into a box and now have to unpack. The other was a power strip. Somehow we moved with 20 power strips for the entire house and are now down to well, 16. Are they with the socks I lost?

In finishing the basement we setup the final pieces of the Sonos Bar. We now have XM, Amazon cloud player and several of the other Internet music sources (Pandora, Rdio etc). We also setup the projector on a table, so we can actually use the iPad and Ipod’s in the attachment. The basement looks nice and as Jackie said “its more open.”

If you are looking for a whole home sound system I cannot say enough good things about the Sonos system. It is without a doubt well worth the investment – the sound is amazing! And its as easy as 123 to add new speakers.

Time then for New Years eve, but also time for our traditional family winter movies!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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