My Amazon author page!!!!

Back to a Kickstarter project (don’t have a favorite on Indiegogo right now.) I love the movie the Minority Report. The screens used in the movie for computer display are my personal dream.


Yes a device made to have your television look like it is part of the Minority report. This like a couple of the other HDMI focused projects makes your television better.

My second product this week is a dock for the Pebble Smart watch. My only frustration with the watch to date is the frustrating reality of the charging system. This dock will fix that problem.

Innovation as I’ve said on this and my other blog many times is changing. What once was the prevue of large companies willing and able to carry the risk of innovation is moving more and more towards the crowd-funded reality of today. Personally I think this market shift is going to increase the amount of innovation overall. It will also allow for greater flexibility in the market. If you think your idea is good, post it on Kickstarter or Indiegogo and see if others agree. If no one funds it, you move on.

Time to get rolling!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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