Taxes, Kindle and a day…
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I personally hate taxes. I’ve been doing them for the past four weekends. This weekend the earliest date I can file moves out to Feb 6. This year is better than last year (a net loss of 5 grand between the two). This year I am actually breakeven/a little ahead between State and Federal combined taxes. So that works out. But I HATE DOING TAXES.

My feeling on taxes has moved very far to the right. I believe a graduated flat tax would in the end be a more effective system. No deductions just pay the flat tax in your income bracket. Based on the various numbers put together (and allowing for a more liberal view supporting those who don’t make as much) if you start the scale at 2%, and move it through the various income ranks to 25% maximum with no deductions of any kind you can effectively support those with less and tax everyone else fairly.

It will never happen, but it would be a better system.

There is something to be said for sitting near a roaring fire, with a dog lavishing you with love. After a long week and of course completing the required walk, Dylan spent the rest of the day making sure I knew I was loved. Sometimes that is all you need to make a long week go away.

I finally bought the Divinity of Dogs as an Audible Book today. (I’ve mentioned before but once again The Kindle is bar none the best reading device on the market. From books, to magazines to Audible it does it all).

I suspect once I start listening I will start crying. So I put extra Kleenex on the shopping list for this week.

For those who emailed about the Maryland Mall shooting yesterday – its about an hour from us. But to my mom and the other folks that emailed, thank you for your concern.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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