My fear of flashing cursors…
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They are, sometimes, in front of me. Flashing cursors that seem to alternately wink and chide me. Move me, the seem to whisper as I stare at the blank screen. Move me. It isn’t that easy I think, to move them. But how do you tell that to a blinking cursor. A flashing reminder that you at that moment have nothing to say except well a discussion of the where and what of a cursor.

It is an extremely cool programing feat that flashing cursor. Although there are times when I think the creative mind that came up with that cursor all those years ago in Wordstar or Wordperfect should be forced to stare at that screen. Simple set of binary code that causes the pixels to alternate on and off. A constant “hello world” that reminds me I have nothing to say.

Say something.

Say nothing.

I will flash no matter which. I will flash if you have nothing to say. I will flash if you have something to say. If what you have to say is stupid, I will flash. If your flash of genius is in fact genius I will flash.

By the way while you are sleeping I am flashing. Yes I flash when the computer is on, I flash when the computer is off. I am always flashing.

It is I know the writer’s lament. The song all writers hear. Once it was simply that the pen and paper were both blank. As the writer, perhaps in candlelight stared at a blank piece of paper, pen in hand. Then for time it was the white page of a blank typewritten reality. Staring at the white paper in the typewriter.

Then a blue field with a flashing cursor.

It makes no pretense of creation. Only the existence of pixels. That flashing cursor or days like today that cursing flashing telling me I have nothing to say and a whole screen in front of me.

Do not fear the cursor, it is only doing its job. Fear the empty page that lies between you and your goal.

Another day, 2,206 flashes away from done.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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