Of family, love and happiness.

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Its funny how your world changes when you become a parent. Last night everyone was home, no one was in a bad mood and we all shared dinner and watched some TV together. Not much TV, most of the time was spent talking over the show and connecting with each other. Those are the magical moments that made me happy. I love my family.

Jackie got up to get some dip and Dylan, being a family member reshuffled the couch order and took her spot. He wouldn’t move so she sat on him. He moved eventually but it was all of us on the couch. again, the magical moments that remind us as parents why we set out on the journey we are taking.

Being a parent, being a person directly involved with another’s person’s growth is a fantastic job.

“There is much in this world beyond our understanding, beyond the grasping fingers of our comprehension. In that beyond space that opening just beyond our reach lies love. From it pours all good things.” Sandler Boggs


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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