my new doorbell is here…
My Amazon author page!!!!

You know you are a geek when technology comes to replace something and you are so excited you are frustrated that its too cold to go outside and install the new technology.

Good bye doorbell. Without having Lurch answer my door you’ve become boring, old fashioned. Now if Lurch would answer my door (you rang) it would be a completely different story.

SkyBell (another of my fun projects backed on Indiegogo) changed the name of their product before they finished them which is completely cool because SkyBell is a very cool name.

It replaces your doorbell.


It’s an audio/video doorbell you install in place of your existing doorbell. It still rings the bell (which by the way kicks off our secondary doorbell two dogs barking.) You can, using your phone (android or iOS) connect to the camera in the SkyBell and see who is there. You can also talk to them (like give me one minute to move the dogs away from the door. Or, if you are in the basement watching a movie, I am coming upstairs). Its part of my long campaign to automate as much of the house as I can.

You can order the device on their website Http:// once it is installed and running (I have the iOS app installed but when its 20 degrees or below I avoid going outside and standing. We got out and walk, but not stand for 20 minutes). Will post a full review once I get it installed and operational.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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