Next up to bat February–known for being a change of pace…
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OK January has been TOOOOOO COLD and TOOOOOOO LONG. Say goodbye! Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out the door.

When I traveled all the time I had a number of very useful tools that were light, small and helped me be more agile. At the same time I had a number of tools I used every day. Over time the tools you use frequently gain wear and tear. My travel bag hasn’t been opened in more than a year. It may be time to get rid of all that travel gear.

I had been placing a ton of stuff in various charities that come pick them up off the porch as well as various charities like Goodwill. Some I’ve been selling eBay. Some you just can’t do anything with. Its funny when you think about the things you collect over the years.  Some of the stuff I just put on display in my office both at work and home. What else can you do with it.

Like a 128 meg USB watch that you can’t replace the battery for so it’s a small and fairly useless device for storage and you can’t tell time with it anymore. It was however, an award many years ago so you can’t throw it away.

Not by the way that I am hoarding. I cleaned out the part of my office that was a hoarding spot when we moved. I don’t have that kind of storage now (and frankly I do have that kind of storage today but my daughter has filled it with the stuff she can’t deal with).

It may be time for a more structured approach and say if it isn’t an award and it doesn’t work throw it away. If it does work and it has value sell it on eBay (although personal note what is up with their crappy service and raising the fees, again?). If it isn’t worth something but still works donate it to charity.

Oh yeah, and January – I am still watching you. You have until midnight tonight to get out of town.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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