If possible avoid being dinner…

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Weather projections had a huge winter storm coming this weekend. That has changed to a minor annoying storm. I am not sure what annoys me more the potential for more snow or the reality that its going to be less more snow than I was thinking on Monday.

Its been a week.

I hold ethics to be critical for me as a person. I have felt that ethics was the most important thing for me once I wandered out of my young adult years. I struggled for many years with the concept of ethics and of loyalty. In the end it took me longer than most but I finally got my head around what the concept really was and why it was important to me. Because I struggled with this for many years I do understand why people don’t act in the way that society deems as ethical. Its easy to slide down that slope when there are circumstances beyond your control or worse beyond your understand.

My grandfather used to say “When the rabbit is captive of the fox, the rabbit does not dictate to the fox.” I have said that to my children for years now (they claim by the way to be the fox). When I was young I thought of that saying as an examination and demonstration of power. Now though I see the more subtle reality. The rabbit may not be a dinner guest. The rabbit may be dinner. But that is the cycle of life. The choices made after you are dinner are significantly different than before you are dinner.

So if possible work to avoid being dinner.

If you are dinner just remember that until the oven is on, you still aren’t dinner. Ethics and loyalty are tools that can help you get out of the mess you are in.

I miss my grandfathers voice.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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