Innovation and the passing of Shirley Temple Black…
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I started a new serial story on my other blog. Not at the Dickens’ level, simply a Dickens’ type serial blog. As promised the podcasts will go up this weekend.

When I was a young man we didn’t have that many stations on the telly. (or the tube etc). One of those stations fairly early on was the Superstation WGN out of Chicago. I loved the Cubs so it was nice to see the games. On Sunday morning they used to alternate Flash Gordon and Shirley Temple (Shirley Temple Black) movies.  I will admit I watched all of her movies. It is sad that she passed but let’s celebrate an amazing life. Unlike many childhood stars she left acting and began a new career. She served this country as an Ambassador for many years.

Thank you for both gifts Shirley. May your journey last forever and may love fill the space around you. RIP.

Every once in awhile I will run across something that intrigues me. Lately I have been really interested in 3d printing but that recently has started to fade a little. Lot’s possible and lot’s of potential but the easy application isn’t there yet. 3d scanners also interest me – but they are expensive and not really something that I can easily get at so its less interesting overtime.

The thing that intrigues me now is the concept of innovation itself. I’ve blogged about it quite a few times on the DocAndersen blog. I have blogged about it here as well a couple of times. It seems to me that innovation is taking a step to the right. Dodging what has long dogged it (time to market) by creating a new market (Kickstarter, Indiegogo).

Consumerization or the move away from Enterprise IT to consumer products changes the game significantly. What once was (get a job in a big company and hope your ideas catch on) is changing. What once was an anomaly (the Frisbee) is now more common (Pebble SmartWatch). In fact the Kickstarter project forced the larger players to bring their products to market (Google Watch, Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, Sony Watch). The innovations that the bigger companies can throw at a known market is incredible.

KS and IG actually create known markets from unknown markets. That allows the big companies to hang back and then burst into a market. At the same time there is a market for innovation – a chance for the idea to germinate.

Oh to live in interesting times.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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