Stuck in Whatville…
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Interesting experiment this morning. I took my iPad 3 (I need the 30 pin connector for some devices) and my iPad Air and upgraded them both to 7.0.6 today. Both devices had the download and install button rather than the install. My iPhone 5s had predownloaded the update so it won’t add it to the list – it was rebooted and updating in less than a minute.

I started updating the iPad 3 first. I clicked the download and install button. It began that process and I put it on my desk to finish the update. I then got into my bag, got out my iPad Air and did the same exact process. There was about a 45 second head start for the older iPad in this process.

The Air downloaded, loaded and restarted more than 5 minutes ahead of the iPad 3. Want to know what the value of the Air is? It is significantly faster than the older iPads. Speed matters!

Personally the last three weeks have been a blur. I need to take some time to get back and centered. I’ve let my mediations be taken over by inner thoughts I can’t quell. Time to take back my inner peace.

Sometimes you just have to consider the what why and how.

Sometimes you just consider the what.

I am stuck in whatville the past three weeks and need to get out of the rut.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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