Incomplete Sunday thoughts…
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I am geeking out with the Sonos system.  It produces crisp sound no matter what you are using. I can play an LP, CD, Tape or stream XM music (or for that matter play the full XM through my home theater receiver). What did we do before music systems like this?

My next project (once I get the current ones done) is to evaluate wire maintenance systems. I have a ton of wires on my desk, which isn’t horrible but I would like to have a cable management system so that they are hidden from view. Back in the day that didn’t used to bother me but for some reason it does now.

There is an interesting trend going on in the tablet world right now. There are ads from a Microsoft perspective that focus on business enablement. They offer a last second (and works for games as well) but the focus is business. Apple and Samsung are focused as much on enabling the user as anything. The apple commercials are stylistic and drive to enabling the best of each of us. The Samsung ads focus on things we do every day made easier. I am not sure which of the ad types I like better. I have over the years owned tablets from all three. I started carrying a windows tablet with the release of Windows 7 and all the interesting tablet hardware that entailed. I switched to an iPad in 2011 because it offered a different view of how to interact with the world around me. Recently I’ve noticed that the newer Windows Tablets are actually feature even with the iPad – sad because they started out ahead and had fallen behind.

The ability to interact with your monitor, your tv and your entrainment services moves things more and more away from the Windows Experience. Its not that windows doesn’t support entertainment its that as a device it doesn’t offer the freedom of the other tablets. I got an iPad air nearly a week ago and used it every day for about an hour to and hour and a half. I didn’t have to charge it until today. Windows Tablets run out of gas quickly they are better but don’t understand the tablet metaphor, still.

Still they have moved to feature equal for the first time in a long time. From there it is always a question of who wins. There are as I said three distinct camps. Each one has a huge advantage and sadly each one still has a fatal flaw. I guess in the end the determination of victory will be the acceptance of a specific devices flaw. Or one of the three fixes the flaw and wins.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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