Improving my home office.
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I don’t have enough desk space. I realized that yesterday when I was thinking about cleaning up my office. Each of my tables has a specific function in my office and frankly I need to get rid of a couple of PC’s and add another table. I can run everything I want on my big laptop and the desktop systems haven’t been on in a year – which by my wife’s rule means they need to go away.

Murphy’s law corollary: work on something long enough to improve it and it will break. Hopefully that doesn’t apply to my entire office.

Its going to need a day spent running the P to V tools for the machines but then I suspect the best thing to do is retire all three. I don’t use the home server except for backups of one machine anymore. I really only use the AD boxes to play on occasion – I haven’t built a VM on Hyper-V in more than  year.

Having a lab used to be critical for my job. Now its just taking up floor space.

There was a time when I had three server class machines, and several desktops running the server OS in my basement. I spent roughly 90 bucks a month on electricity alone for those devices. My how things have changed.

A lot of that is the improvement in virtualization. With a laptop, an SSD drive and enough memory you can easily house and host any number of systems. From UNIX (I have Redhat and Ubuntu running), Windows (I have 8.1 and 2012 running – testing and seeing if I am ready to upgrade). I also have a VM with ChromeOS and one with Android running. I had one with Windows Phone, but I didn’t keep it.

Sometimes it is amazing what you can do.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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