Initial thoughts on Samsung TV’s…
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On the back of whimsy.

I find myself struggling sometimes to reconcile a lot of different things. So today is reconciliation free day. I will not attempt to make sense of anything today. I am simply going to move along my path and see what happens without trying to bring things back into focus or stare at them for hours wondering if in the end I missed something.

Quick Review:

I am a huge Samsung TV fan (I own four – I know overkill). We added a new TV for the living room (we are slowly redoing the house making it fit us perfectly). Through this process I was looking at TV’s and frankly I bought a Samsung again. They have the best picture by far although I have to say the new ambient light feature is something I have to think about a bit.

I love the newer, thinner screens and the Samsung apps are fantastic. I need to finish setting up the new tv as we no longer have a game system in the living room I will have to run the Samsung apps for Hulu, Netflix and Amazon video (I don’t know if there is an Amazon app – I hope there is).

In the end I suspect I am a geek. I do love the ability to take any device and push the content of that screen to my television. I suspect the concept I talked about on my other blog (Screen as a Service) is but hours from being real. There are even Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that get you close to that dream.

I will do a full review later on – this was just an initial thinking about TV’s.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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