A day trip filled spring break plan…

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Now is the winter of our discontent.

Well it may be our discontent but Dylan loves snow. He loves to bounce around in the deep snow and show off his four wheel drive (compared to puny humans and our two wheel drive). I look forward to our walks every day. Not as much as Dylan does. He waits for me by the garage door ready to go the minute I get home from work.

For the boys spring break we are doing a mini-vacation this year focused on Civil War monuments near us. This includes the C&O canal that Dylan loves as well as a number of walking parks. The four of us will explore a little of a smaller history of the area.

Often when you go someplace you explore the big history (Gettysburg, Bull Run, Mount Vernon) but you don’t always go to the little places. We have decided the little places would be fun.

For those interested spent last evening cleaning out my office a little more I decommissioned by old Active Directory box. I haven’t turned it on in more than a year so away it goes. I am officially now down to only 6 computers. The least I have had in more than 20 years. That of course not not count VM’s I have running in AWS for learning – or VM’s running on one of my machines at home. That is simply the overall physical number of computers I have. One of them (my home server) is going away this weekend. I just need to figure out what to do with all the data connected to that system.

Perhaps I should buy another WD cloud drive.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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