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My Kickstarter Project:

My sort of monthly Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects I love blog. The Kickstarter project I am really looking forward to is one that starts off by offering something similar to a movie I love from a few years ago “The Minority Report.” SeespaceinAir is a great project – just based on offering to move us closer to that reality. I have included the video here for the project and the link to their Kickstarter page is here. Their project description is below:

InAiR brings you the world’s first Augmented TV experience

With InAir plugged in, your TV becomes an Augmented Television. You can turn any ordinary television into a new and wonderful medium, filled with rich and dynamic information from the Web. InAiR uses your TV screen and layers in additional content from the Web and social media.

Like I said – I am really looking forward to this project!!!!!

My Indiegogo project

Continuing on my new 3d theme from Kickstarter the Indiegogo project I like right now is one that is focused on filming in 3d naturally by simply wearing glasses. Panvu 3d. 3 distinct 15 megapixel camera’s to provide a fantastic 3d experience. Now the difference from this project and all the other projects I’ve mentioned is that this one is already funded. The new Indiegogo campaign is to simply offer access to more early birds for the technology. This offers something similar to the BublCam and other 3d technologies although this is more for the experience 3d video than the fixed position 3d video. Imagine the results of a bike ride or for that matter 100 bike rides you take, store the video and play it back on your TV in the winter as you are on your stationary bike. My goal is to film some summer walks so when I do have to walk on the treadmill it won’t be as boring.

Projects like these two are exciting in that they offer a window into what is coming. The first steps aren’t always perfect but the perfection of those steps comes it just takes time. Jumping on the bandwagon early has its risks – but in the end it’s a great chance to be one of the first.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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