Weekend wrap-up with Scott…(its better and actually funny with Chevy Chase but he was busy and not able to be involved this week).

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We are at T-Minus 5 and counting.

Raven and Dylan has had two spats so far. Nothing horribly ugly just a little over zealous playing. Right now they are walking around the house (best buddies) trying to get humans to pet them. The boys are off to school and I am burning up my floating holidays for the year.

We are getting rid of the play yard in the back and putting in a fence instead. We didn’t have to remove the play yard but in the end we have older kids now and it just add value. A fence that keeps Raven and Dylan secure is more in the end important. We will continue to use the dog collars to securely open the back door.

The window on Jaki’s car is repaired now. She is parking in the drive way that way Dylan can better guard the car. Plus in the driveway I have automatic lights that will kick on. It’s the price you pay to live near a big city. Although I do love the more country feel of Germantown. The greenways are nice. Interestingly though we saw more animals when we live in the Kentland’s (on the West side of Gaithersburg) than we do now in the more country setting of Germantown.

For some reason Barb was stuck on saying “x” and then “puny humans.” Prior to that all the way to Richmond on Saturday Barb and the boys were practicing George Takei’s “ohhh myyy.” Which could have been a fun car ride – I think George Takei is a genius but frankly after 3 hours stuck in Oh My land I was ready to jump out of the moving car.

I wonder what Hulk would sound like saying “oh my puny humans.”


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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