Activewords works with Windows 8.1 (huge sigh of relief).
My Amazon author page!!!!

T-minus 4 days.

I reviewed one of my favorite all time products a number of years ago (ActiveWords). First off their license model (buy plus once and put it on all your PC’s) is incredible. Its nice to see it also installed easily on Windows 8.1. I use ActiveWords to automate a number of things – in this blog all my headers, signatures and tags are added via ActiveWord commands.

Its been a part of every computer I’ve used at home for years. I’ve written two or three reviews of the product overall. The 2.0 version really improved the overall product (which was awesome and now is whatever is beyond awesome).

In fact when I think about it, it’s the only thing other than Office that I have on every computer I use. Each of the various computers I have has a function/purpose. The only common applications are MS office and Activewords.

Overall the product is well written. It has add-ons for virtually everything you could possibly want to connect to. I use the Bing and Google search adds on constantly and as stated before I use the text insert function all the time.

The program also tells you how much time you are saving by leveraging the tool. Right now I average 300 dollars in savings per month. I realize from a TCO perspective this is more time loss avoidance so it is hard to quantify, still it does open up a ton of time I didn’t have before and makes certain tasks I do every day much faster.

If you are looking for an incredible productivity tool, ActiveWords is a great starting point.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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