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T +5 days (the waiting is killing me)

I’ve been a fan of a Livescribe pens for a long time. As stated on this blog I am a pen and paper guy. I wrote the first poem I ever sold (and first story I ever sold) on an old Royal Manual typewriter (it was my father’s). My first foray’s into writing were an extension of paper, ink and whiteout. Sometimes, the paper was twice as thick because of all the whiteout.

The reality of technology moves us further and further away from the pen, Apple doesn’t really even acknowledge that you need a pen in its touch reality. You can certainly add a pen but in the end it isn’t as needed. The new Livescribe does a nice integration – having the pen connected to the iPad so you can store the handwritten notes on the iPad and then sync with Evernote or some other tool.

And now for something completely different…

I’ve been advocating the segregation of home networks for a long time. Having devices on different networks based on what they are doing helps in the long run as far as the total in house bandwidth. You are still limited by the pipe to the Internet just like any company or organization would be.

After a couple of weeks I am loving the Samsung NotePro tablet. The S pen is very handy and being able to draw on a screen shot of anything is amazing. I was thinking it’s a really cool personal telestrator – I am going to try that this weekend, doing a screen capture of a video playing on the NotePro and then using the S pen to draw on it.

Add to that the Dropbox expansion for two years and it becomes an interesting device. I had literally based on all the things shared with me, run out of Dropbox space – now I have tons.

Anyway – today is project day so I am back to all my projects. Got one done yesterday hoping to finish up two more today.

Random Thought:

Why is it confusing when you take your foot off the accelerator? Shouldn’t slowing down make things easier?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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