Random Saturday thoughts…

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Busy weekend – carpet cleaning and preparing for the new floor in the living room. It will be nice to get rid of Raven’s launching pad (she uses the carpet to gain speed when playing downstairs.

I am cleaning the floor in the basement today so the carpet cleaners can come in and get rid of all the leftover urine. Poor Fran near the end peed almost every time she got up (not her fault and no blame) so there was a lot of urine in the basement. Hopefully the dry system will remove the odor and the stain although you really can’t see the stains due to the basement carpet being so dark.

Still, it will be nice.

Landscaping team is cleaning up, mulching and getting the front yard presentable.

Its so much easier to hire someone else to do that than it is for me to do it. My father loves that kind of stuff, me not so much. I would prefer to write my blog than be outside doing yard work. The boys and I will mow the lawn and trim this year but other than that not much more. I like being outside for walks and hanging out with the pups but not so much for all the miscellaneous who ha of yard work.

I’ve transitioned off my old Kindle to my new Kindle. Now what I need to do is work with AT&T to add the new Kindle to the wireless account. I like the separation of functionality that having a Kindle affords me. I use different devices for the one or two things they are really good at. Now, that said my office is pretty full of technology but oh well.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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