On flotsam…

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What, in the end is a blog? Is it a window to a moment? A slice of time. A second or more look into the reality of another person? Or is it in the end a lost eddy current sweeping past it and leaving it twirling by the side of the river a disconnected moment.

Or am I that moment swept to the side of rushing river? Swirling around and around energy created and then consumed by endless circles of moving bouncing into rocks and nibbled on by fish until there is only the bobbing. Is that me? Am I lost energy or lost momentum?

Bouncing at the side of the river in quiet isolation. Alone and yet somehow more than I was. I am me and that is enough for now. Listening to the trees as they whisper of wind and energy spent above the water. Listening to the fish speak of worms and other dangling dangers. Listening to the water as it rushes and doesn’t move around around in motion and stationary.

The glint of sunlight off the side of a fish swimming in the flow of water is distracting. Pulling me away from inner reflection to watch the light explode from the water into the air and then begin a journey that could last beyond the end of this universe and bouncing back begin anew in a new universe an infinite journey bouncing off the side of a fish in the water near me, still water of an eddy.

I am in the end the light of the infinite and the loss of an eddy, swirling around with nothing to show but what could have been. Following the light from the fish on its infinite journey and watching the water still flow past me. As much forgotten as forever.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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