A day late 42

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67 years since a brave man played a game he loved for a country he loved. We owe you Jackie Robinson. It makes me sad to think that in fact our nation was once that way. In fact in many places still is that way. We are equal under the law. There is no greater love than someone willing to take scorn, hatred and anger because they love something enough to want it to be right.

Jaki got me a Despicable Me coloring book. I am not sure why the two movies appeal to me. I passed my second childhood a few years ago – so I guess it is part of my third childhood. I love the minions.

I’ve been looking at 2 color 3d printers. Beyond the smaller printer these actually print two colors of plastic at the same time. I suspect in the near term someone will create a plastic you can paint so the relevance of two color printing may decrease the need for two colors. What I am most interested in isn’t just two colors but to be able to create a larger print out. In the end I think the reality of 3d printing is going to be as much what you can do with your home printer as anything else. You could start a business selling 3d plans that could then be transferred to your home printer. The same is true for circuit boards (there is a great project on Kickstarter building a circuit board printer).

In the end I think you could create a new market that made things cheaper. With ABS and PLA plastics you can use recycled materials. The next cool thing would be a home plastic recycling station that would produce PLA or ABS plastic. You then could create batches of the plastic from objects you had previously printed. Milk and other perishables could come in ABS and PLA plastic containers so you would always have more material for creating objects. With the newer 3d printers you could in the end create connectors and allow for building objects piece by piece.

It’s a brave new world. Companies can sell their items cheaper (they don’t have to build them) and you can build them at home.

I’m just saying.

Just imagine a world where you could print anything at home in a matter of hours. Download the open source version of the part you need to fix something. Download the plans to build your own flexible desk or six sided dice to play a game. The reality of 3d printing is simply amazing. I suspect over the next year you will see it move further and further into the mainstream.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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