Sad Raven–her boys left…
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945A0006There are a number of possible captions for this picture. Want to hide on a couch? Dark dog, dark couch. What happens to labs when their boys go to school. Thanks goodness for ottomans. I could go on. This is a picture from the new camera of Raven. She was sad after her boys went to school.

She joined our family 3.5 weeks ago. She seized control of the family about an hour later. Smile

Olney Theater is producing a number of Shakespearian plays this week. I am super excited to go see MacBeth. We love the Olney Theater. When we first moved to Maryland we went to the Arts Barn in the Kentlands a number of times. We found out about Olney about a year into living here and since then we have been to a number of plays. They are always well produced, well acted and exceptional.

Even the boys have gone to a couple – so far their favorite (of course) was the production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” They are going with us to MacBeth so it will be a fun family event. The labs elected to stay home rather than sit for 3 hours in a theater without any opportunity to be petted.

I finally got shelves for the basement so I can upack the rest of the LaserDiscs (yes we have a number of old movies on Laser Disc), books and records. I am going to finish recording my records to MP3’s. I have a lot of Classical Music that is best on LP’s.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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