Wrap up Friday –

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Its interesting when you think about creating an environment for sound in your home. The previous owner of our house put in wiring for speakers in the main viewing areas of the house. At some point I have to get someone to fill those in. I have moved to using Sonos speakers that are wireless. Although for the new Samsung TV upstairs we did get the Samsung sound bar. More lazy on my part than a failure in the Sonos system and we got a great deal on the Samsung Sound-bar as well.

I finally got the last of the books unpacked yesterday. Once upon a time (in my 20’s) I had more than 2000 books. Now I am down to a much smaller number figure around 300 or so. I still have a lot of books but most of them occupy a small space in my office (on my kindle).

Part of the book collection had been sitting in my old office, and I don’t think I am getting a new office other than the one in the basement so I pulled the business books and put them on shelves as well. Now once them come and haul away everything on Sunday we can finish the basement and get our movie posters up.

We are putting up five movie posters in the home theater. Well 3 movie posters and 2 game posters. We keep talking about doing it, and frankly just need to get it done.

I also need to move my LP’s to MP3. I still love the sound of hiss and crackle you only get from a record player.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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