My nose is leaking –
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We had the play yard removed from the backyard of the house. There was a huge pile of dirt under the play yard (unexpected) that we have to deal with now.

Its spring project time. We have a number of indoor and outdoor projects going on. You buy the perfect house and then of course you spend the next 10 years modifying it. This time however, I will not be adding a pool. We have a neighborhood pool that is quite nice. Our last three hours that we’ve owned haven’t had fences. The one we leased in Gaithersburg had a fence. Dylan loved the fence so we are adding on to this house for the dogs.

The other part of course of spring is the reality of allergies. I hate allergies. My throat has been sore for 3 days. Not red infected you have strep sore but annoying sore. Its not like I spend the winter indoors and moving to the outdoors I am suddenly struggling. Rather it’s the pollen in the air that gets me.

What I need is a vacation (which I just had). Actually what I need is to get back to work.


Picture is from the amazing gardens at Mount Vernon. Simply an amazing place to go in the spring. As long as you can breath through your feet so the pollen can’t get you.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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