Hump Day–whoo hooo….
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Raven doesn’t like thunderstorms. She woke Nick, then Luke then me up last night to let us know at 3:30 am that the thunder we were hearing in fact was disturbing her. Dylan didn’t like thunder when he first got to the house, but now he doesn’t care as much. He ended up going into the room where Raven was and I think that helped her feel better. Nick ended up with Raven as the end. She has decided that the boys belong to her now.

I think I need to start getting up even earlier to get everything done in the day. I’ve got a lot of moving pieces that in the end will drive me nuts. I didn’t walk at all Monday and had an abbreviated walk yesterday. Somehow I need to get on a walking schedule that works with my new schedule.

Someone called in a threat against the boys school yesterday so the school evacuated the building.  The poor boys had to stand in the cold/damp conditions for an hour and a half. Luke said “I wasn’t scared, just bored.” Nick said “I was hoping it wasn’t a bomb. I left Jaki’s copy of “A princess bride” in the building. If that blew up she would kill me.”

In the end the school communicated with us, and all was well. I did think about having Jaki go to the school and get them (she even offered) but decided that wasn’t the best course of action. In the end the boys were fine. Although they mentioned that more than a 1/3 of the school was gone their parents came and picked them up.

I am over allergies. If anyone would like mine email you address and I will send them post haste.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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