Long day…short night…

My Amazon author page!!!!

Yesterday evening 2.5 hours to drive 31 miles. DC Traffic sucks. This weekend I am going to research other options to get across the river (that is the choke point on the capital beltway). When I moved to DC I had a dear friend tell me never take a DC job where you have to cross a bridge. I took the right job so that isn’t the issue. Just need to figure a way around the traffic.

According to the NetAtmo rain gauge we got 3 + inches of rain yesterday. It averaged from (and I only checked personally three times but the software gives you this information –way cool) .1 inches of rain per hour to a high of just over .75 inches of rain.

The dogs freaked out when the kids left last night. The 10 minutes the house was empty and they freaked. So out the door and through the dog fence they went. A nice neighbor found them, called and returned them. They were none the worse for the wear but they don’t like big storms when they are alone. The fence is going in in 2 weeks so I can’t wait.

All-in-all an eventful day. If anyone is interested my new Safegov post went up. Its at http://safegov.org when you get to the home page search for Scott Andersen – you will see all my posts. The most current is at the top of the list.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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