TGIF–oh crap busy weekend ahead…
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Busy weekend ahead. The nasty living room carpet finally goes away. They are power washing the deck and then painting it.  We are couch free in the basement as well, so its going to be a sit in the bedroom watching TV weekend if we have time to watch TV. I like to watch NBA playoff games but I think this weekend I will be to busy to watch.

I signed up for a service (wind energy) to reduce my overall energy bill. So far, not so much. We are thinking, if the HOA allows it (no dad that isn’t you authorizing it it’s the Home Owners Association) of putting Solar Panels on the roof. When the power goes out in our area based on area to cover and number of people it takes a 1/2 day or more to get the power back. However, right now, its more of an up to my neck in alligators problem. Yes the original job was drain the swamp (or save money on my power bill) but frankly it isn’t effective or working.

Hurricane season starts June 1, our most likely power outage based on the last three years is July/August timeframe. So I have to get that decision in and operational quickly.

I’ve been thinking about home wi-fi and in particular the reality of WEP or WPA security. Certainly, you can get a router that supports the security standard. You will most likely get that from your ISP with a pre-configured password. I wonder however if you couldn’t make life a little easier going forward. If in fact you actually created a security node on the network that required a specific dongle wouldn’t in the long run that be more effective? The node would connect directly to your router, with nothing else plugged into the router. You then route everything through the secure node. I am sure CISCO could make one very quickly or any of the other home router manufacturers. It would allow you to create a secure segment on your home network. It could even leverage low bandwidth spectrums to broadcast a radio id specific to dongles that would force managed connections.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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