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Follow on from my review of the Sonos Play bar. I got a play bar a little over a year ago when we lived in the house we were leasing. Mostly I got it knowing that we  would be buying a house so I could have it installed. My initial review stands related to the product. It is a great sound addition to your home. We’ve added two additional rooms and finalized our home theater since my initial review. We now have the Play bar with two back speakers and a sub woofer in the theater, a smaller speaker in my office (that is amazing for sound) and a new Sonos five in the kitchen (that is wireless so we can take it on the deck.).

Things I love now:

  • Ease of set-up – the other day I had to reset the system because I switched iPads and upgraded to the new software. I was back up and running in less than five minutes.
  • Setting up a music source on the iPad, iPhone or Computer is easy.
  • The new computer version of the software is very nice and extremely powerful. I love the new PC version.
  • The sound is simply amazing.
  • the speakers just look good – well constructed and sturdy.
  • Virtually every major audio source is preloaded I would still like to see a live meeting connection – which shouldn’t be to hard simply allow the concept stream from computer running the Sonos software.

Things I think could be better:

  • Again the live meeting and Webex additions would be valuable
  • I do not really like the new iOS 7 based version of the mobile controller
  • Stream from source should allow me to pick a source (my iPad) and stream content from it.
  • no airplay (see above) if airplay isn’t possible then how about stream from source (computer)…
  • This last one is probably me but I’ve tried to load the Audible Application now for about a week it says its working but it never shows up in the controller for me to then turn around and play audible books.

Overall this is still the best sound system I’ve ever had. Once upon a time over the years I collected speakers for my system. You end up buying expensive speakers over time but they just don’t sound as good as the Sonos speakers. I love the flexibility of moving things around – we could take the two extra theater speakers and place them on the back deck for a really nice outdoor sound system.

If you are in the market for a sound system that will grow with you or one that comes completely ready to do everything you want to do – get the Sonos Play bar and Subwoofer.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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