Paris, to Tehran and then Bangkok
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My father struggled with the conversion from transparencies to PowerPoint. In the end he was a great presenter and no matter what the medium it was going to be a fun presentation but he missed the ability to stop and draw on his slides to expand upon a point. He also struggled with the computer for a long time. He would ask me questions that were so far beyond my knowledge of power point I had to go find experts at Microsoft. People who wrote the application to get the questions answered. I never told him the last part, just got the answers he wanted. Dad firmly believed in the concept of being a life long learner.

We left Paris in 1971, stopped for one night in Tehran (long lay over due to plane issues. We then boarded the plane and flew the rest of the way to Bangkok. It was a magical place and would be magical for the rest of that year and the rest of all of our lives. We drove into the city exhausted from the flight but ready for this new adventure.

We were in a hotel for the first month or so (it may have been less). The institute where dad was working sent a van with a driver every day to pick dad up. I asked him if it was because he was important. He laughed and so “No its because they are afraid I will get lost.” We would leave the hotel in the evening and wander over to the Café American – a place with literally a blend of the world’s cuisine. My dad was happy every night when he came home. I wouldn’t remember that until years later when he stopped coming home happy for a couple of years. He loved Thailand.

Mom took us swimming every day. I think I was at the hotel all day every day on an extended break for the first two weeks. After that I rode the bus to Bangkok Patana School every morning. (BPS). I would come home every day around 3 pm. The school day started much earlier due to the oppressive heat. After the first day mom let me go down to the hotel restaurant with my new friends and order my own breakfast. I learned to love omelets because that was what my friends at. I got to be a big kid because my mom let me go.

Mom started looking for apartments. Lynne and Barb went with her. I was at school most of those times. Eventually they found an apartment on Soy 12 and we moved out of the hotel. The school bus (a tiny Mercedes Benz bus) still came and picked me up at 5:30 in the morning.  But we had a place to live and it had a pool!

.Your loving son


IF my father touched your life in anyway and you wish to remember him, please consider his favorite educational place on earth. We are starting a fund there in his memory.

In honor of Dr. Hans O. Andersen

The WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology

308 W. Fourth St.

PO Box 996

Bloomington, IN 47402-0996

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