Of books and falling trees…

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My father wasn’t a computer person. He had a computer in his house from about 1981 on but he wasn’t a computer person. The original computer in the house was a TRS-80. Dad then graduated to an Apple Iie and than later an Epson PC. We spent a lot of time fixing and upgrading that Epson PC that in the end simply died one day. Back then dad’s office was in the room next to the Greenhouse. He had a greenhouse for year round tomatoes and other vegetables. His office was connected to the Greenhouse. Originally that was the master bedroom but as children moved out of the house things were rearranged.

Dad had a woodstove upstairs (I think given what he knew he would have preferred the woodstove be downstairs but it was in the main part of the house by the kitchen.) He would cut and split wood for the fireplace on the back five acres he had that was woods. One weekend he asked if I would help him take down a couple of tress. I said sure and showed up early (for me) on a Saturday morning (late for dad – he was already working on other projects). We walked down the hill from the house to the woods to cut down two trees that weren’t doing well.

Dad had carefully measured and prepared the trees for taking them down. I was there as the spotter. The first tree came down perfectly and gave dad confidence to take on the harder of the two trees. This one started down and then quickly shifted and without quick feet it would have landed right where I was standing. It ended up missing me by a good 20 feet, it took a long time to fall. I asked if that was on purpose, it landing where I had been and dad just smiled.

Mom and I used to riff on books. We would read the first two or so paragraphs of a book and start making up all sorts of crazy things that would happen next. My mother has a great sense of humor and we could entertain ourselves for hours with the riffs. Sadly no one else in the family really understood what we were doing so we made them a little uncomfortable but mom and I loved to do that.  It did in the end ruin a couple of books – I can’t read them without starting to laugh.

.your loving son…

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