Pictures of my father…
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PC260605 Dad loved to take pictures he didn’t like to be in pictures. This is from Christmas morning 2010 (our last Christmas living in Indiana). I swung around to catch him unaware but he popped his camera up before I could get the picture.

SANY0024So even though this is two years earlier dad is in the exact same spot. This is Easter 2009.

My father was the family photog from 1960 to 2000 or so. With the advent of digital pictures I started taking family event pictures in roughly 2005.

PIE_8 This is one of dad’s old scanned slides. I don’t know where or when this slide is from. Its dad looking into the maw of a man eating plant I suspect, although I do know this slide is more than 30 years old so in fact the plant did not eat him.

This picture is important because he was not in the same spot as the other two.

As we sort and scan the thousands of slides from my great grandfather and father I will post them on occasion. Right now I have to figure out how to get them scanned.


This one is of the Ajhan. From the party we had in 2006 at the graduation of one of his sponsored Thai students (Nat). Dad was so animated as the Ajhan it is hard to imagine him ever actually sitting down.

.your loving son

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