July 4 2004

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Dad on the back porch July 4th 2004. Notice all the grandchildren none of them are that small anymore. The last two grandchildren Nick and Luke are the tiny boys in front. (Nick and Luke were born on the same day as my father March 30th)

People have seasons and dad’s was summer. He loved harvesting his garden (and tending his garden). He explored many different ways to plant the things he loved (and my mom loved). He played with raised beds and a number of other gardening innovations from around the world. He grew asparagus that was amazing as well as previously stated the best tomatoes.

Summer events were on the back deck at Mom and Dad’s house as the kids got older. Before dad planted the bamboo in the back yard there was a swing set that the kids loved to play on. The grills would be going and the coolers would be filled with drinks. Dad would be grilling and talking to everyone as he was in this picture. Later on this particular fourth of July we had sparklers and then everyone wandered home.

That’s the thing mom and dad both did as we got older (by we I mean myself, my two sisters remain young and vibrant). They made their house into a place people wanted to come and sit.

The major holidays were always there. For years mom and dad did an Easter egg hunt on their front lawn for the grandkids. Plastic eggs all over the front yard that mom would mow over for weeks afterwards shooting tiny bits of plastic across the yard. We finally had to implement a count (45 eggs put out 45 eggs recovered).

Dad liked to put state quarters and Susan b Anthony dollar coins in some of the eggs. It was just something he loved to do.

.your loving son

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