Taking a wider view of my dad…

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A stitched photo of dad and part of his book collection circa 2006.

As you get older you find your memories are wound around the strangest things. In the case of my father it’s the moon landing of 1969, Thailand in 1972 and sitting in his office as a college student 1982-1984 and watching IU ball games (any year) with dad. I have many other memories of both mom and dad but those four are the ones that I wind all the others around.

In the winter we would start every conversation with a brief recap of the last game the IU team played. Dad had a brilliant eye for basketball played well. He knew when the team had come together and was ready and when they were struggling. Last winter we talked frequently about the maturity of the team and how they just weren’t ready. But dad was also a loyal IU fan. He loved the candy stripe uniforms.

Mom enjoyed the games although not as much as dad. I think in the end she just liked hanging out with dad during the games.

We had season tickets and I went roughly every other home game. Mom would go to the other games. I remember sitting next to dad during the two greatest sports seasons of my life. The undefeated regular season of 1975 only to lose to Kentucky in the NCAA tournament and the perfect 32-0 1976 Indiana Hoosiers.

No one can take 1976 away from us. 32-0. Dad took me to 8 or so home games that year. We sat high up in the professor section. We watched a magical team below us in a magical building. Yes 1981 was a great team as was 1987 but that 75/76 team that was the team dad and I rooted for. I learned a lot about basketball that year. What a team really was. I watched my father’s heart skip a bet until Kent Benson tipped the missed shot in against Michigan as time expired. He didn’t catch the ball he tipped it. Had he caught it the game would have been over. A moment in time dad and I watching as the tipped ball bounced into the basket and we beat Michigan by 1 point.

Mom wasn’t the sports fanatic dad was and taught me to become. Mom was creative. I watched her take a piece of fabric and turn it into a quilt. Quilts that my children won’t sleep without. She has over the years had each of the kids make part of a quilt so that they were involved in the process that resulted. I know that my nieces, nephews and my kids all love working on quilts with grandma. The boys would never admit it now they are too cool but they did and do love quilting with grandma!

.your loving son…

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