Movies and dad cheating at Uno…
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The first picture is of one of the kids favorite quilts. The second picture is both dad and I adjusting our camera’s at the boys first birthday party. It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital and mom and dad were driving over from Bloomington to Cincinnati to see them. It was in fact an event that happened 15 years ago.

I didn’t know my Grandfather Andersen very well. I have a couple of things of his that dad left me, including a picture of him with his Infantry Unit in World War I. I also have his pocket watch and my great grandfathers pocket watch. I remember visiting a house that seemed huge then but wasn’t in Wisconsin Dells and also visiting them in a smaller house in Racine Wisconsin. I remember the house in Racine because the Bulls Game was on. I do have the copper kettle that entered our family in 1863 as well.

Dad really didn’t talk much about the past. He didn’t like dwelling where he had been.

On to other memories. We used to play Uno as a family. You had to watch dad not only because his constant claims of color blindness would allow him to attempt to play any color at any time (color green, number 2 dad plays a red 5 “I am colorblind.”). It made the game more interesting. Dad wouldn’t play card games very often but when he did we always had a lot of fun.

Both mom and dad loved to watch movies. Ranging from light romantic comedies to some of the more classic films of the past. The arrival of the VCR allowed them to watch many more movies than previously. Originally we had 5 TV stations to choose from and with cable we went up to a grand total of 12 stations to watch. There was always a movie on, as long as you were willing to watch that movie. With a VCR mom and dad could watch any movie they wanted. Of the two I suspect my mother is bigger movie fan. My favorite memory of movies with mom was going to the original Pink Panther movies (although Steve Martin did a good job in the remake, it wasn’t Peter Sellers). Mom and I would go to the theater and laugh for the 100 minutes of the movie. Mom would also take me to some of her and Miss Hart’s favorite movies (Agatha Christie was a common favorite). The three of us went to see Murder on the Orient Express. That we didn’t laugh through but it was a memorable event.

.your loving son

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