Look up–Look down-look all around

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Dad loved historical markers. He would stop the car when we were little and have us read the markers by the side of the road. It was as much the teacher in him as the parent in him. By the time we were old enough to know better it drove us nuts that he did that. So then the joker in him stopped to let us know he was still in charge.

I was once really angry with my dad. He looked at me and smiled and then said “look up.” I looked up. Then he said “look down.” So I did. Finally he said look all around.” So I did. He smiled and said “that’s my house. When its your house you make the rules.” I use that on my kids all the time. It’s a great way to calm them down when they are angry and remind them both that there are rules in this house and that someday they will have their own houses.


My father in the old city of Bangkok Thailand circa 2004. He loved Thailand and its wonderful people. We all do. But he came alive in a special way there. Here he was walking around the old town with us showing the boys the sites. After a 24 hour trip in an airplane Barb and I were fried. We didn’t sleep. The boys of course slept on the plane and adjusted to the new time zone in one day. Like their grandpa they were up and running in Thailand.

The thing about my mother that always makes me proud is her willingness to be inclusive. When I got married the 2nd time (and after mom and dad had well saved me from sliding into depression) my wife-to-be had a daughter. My parents took her in as their first grandchild and to this day she remains their first and oldest grandchild. They have always treated her like all the other grandkids. That takes special people and both of them are special people.

The other thing about my mother is she is fair. When you make a mistake she will tell you. She doesn’t hold it against you but she will tell you. Sometimes she will tell you many more times than we want to. It helps make the lesson learned stick a little better I suppose. Thanks mom for making some of those lesson’s that I needed to have, stick!

.your loving son

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