What will we do with 250,000 pictures?

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For those of you who know me, the picture could be from any age. In this particular case it is a picture my father took when I was somewhere between 9-11 years old. I do not recognize the building behind me so I can’t pin point it more than that.

We’ve scanned roughly 1000 of the 9000 slides. Between that and the nearly 2000 digital pictures of dad’s we found I have to say the project is a lot bigger than original estimated.

I suspect the scope creep is my fault.

The more I look at that picture the more it looks like the dark object in the back is a door.

It does however bring a non-family but family topic to bear. How do you organize a digital life? My father left between 8500 and 9300 slides (plus or minus based on courting and a few slides that are dudes). He left another 2500 to 4000 digital pictures. Once our project is done I am back to my problem of four years ago now – The Syncverse.

I will fold those 11,000 to as many as 13,000 digital pictures into a collection of more than 90,000 digital pictures and another 200 or more videos (not counting the 40 compiled video’s now on DVD of family events). How do you organize a fully digital life? At the rate I am going I will be well past 100,000 pictures. With Flickr, Photo bucket and Facebook being the only places I really heavily display things (the occasional Washington DC traffic photo appears on instagram by me).

In the concept I developed (The Syncverse) there is a nice compilation of your digital life organized by professional and personal. Many of my traveling pictures are professional but taken to share with my family. It was never real, the cool things I saw until I got to share them with my family. They make the travel real – because I traveled for work and work was to keep my family happy and safe.

It will take us between 150 and 200 hours of work to actually scan all the slides. In the end well worth the expended time. But what happens when you get to a place where someone has 250,000 pictures or more. Thousands of hours of video. Or they have the sixty second camera on their life for a year (it takes a picture of what you are doing every 60 seconds).

What do you do with a vast digital archive?

In the end the Myverse, Syncverse software cannot come fast enough.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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