1000 down, 8200 to go…

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my little sister.

IMGP1313 - Copy

Dad did so love his apples. This was probably before a cider making session. There was something magical about getting together as a family and making cider. First off it made you realize that most cider has a huge protein component. (as in 200 or more bees if you aren’t careful). But there is something about the family moment.

I am continuing my campaign for another bridge across the Potomac. Surely there is a place near the current 495 bridge we could slide another bridge over the historic C&O canal and relieve congestion there. I do understand the preservation requirements of the canal and support that 100% (besides Dylan would bite me – he loves the canal walks). But we could build a bridge near the current 495 crossing that created an Ezpass bridge. Pay an extra $2 and you can cross the express bridge. You could even build it right next to the current bridge or under it.

Or those long promised flying cars so we could stack traffic vertically and of course no longer be bound to the specific width of the bridge. I am just saying.


A picture of Matt relaxing in Mom and Dad’s old kitchen. A lot has changed since that picture was taken.

Its been fun digging through all the old pictures. We’ve gotten 1000 slides scanned in a little over 10 days. At that rate we are looking at roughly a 93 day project. Hopefully the kids can speed up the scanning a little.

Just need to get all the scans into a single drive (and then make a lot of copies of that drive).


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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