More photo trips down memory lane….
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That is a picture of Phoebe Kuma our Newfoundland. She was without a doubt the best dog of my childhood. Every dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of living with was special. Phoebe spent most of her time plotting the overthrow of mom’s reign of terror. I will never forget mom’s horror when she pulled down a delicious carrot cake from the top of the cabinet in the living room with a ton of guests and it was half eaten. You could clearly see where Phoebe had eaten half the cake, leaving only the visible half. Clearly dog chewed. Mom was horrified. Phoebe just looked happy.


There is me with Phoebe in our old backyard 1523 Dunstan Drive.

The slides we are scanning are a wealth of information. Its so fun to go hand pick a couple of them to share with the world. Some of these images haven’t been seen in 20. 30 and 40 years.  Dad was very picky about the images he took and the images he shared. Sometimes I think he was far to hard on himself about the images he didn’t share.


My sister Lynne in 1972 on her way to Thailand.

The trips down memory lane are fantastic.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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