Do you remember the days of December….
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The amazing picture of my little sister courtesy of Dr. Hans O. Andersen. He had an amazing eye for photos. I think to a degree that the reality of digital cameras takes away some of the artistry for some of us. I can take 100 pictures where dad could only take 1 or 2.  It makes for more pictures of an event but in the end less quality.

Pictures like this one pack memories into such a small space. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Some are in fact worth more. Some of priceless captures of moments that in the end will never be seen again except on the digital or printed paper.

By the weekend we may be as much as 1/4 of the way through the slides. As I have said for the past few days it has been an amazing experience so far.


Mom and my sisters in the pool that was in our apartment complex in Bangkok. We lived at the end of Soi 12 on the 4th floor. The image is reversed. I suspect dad took this from our balcony/porch of the apartment looking down.

We loved that pool. There were days it was so hot I would come home from school and just walk right into the pool not even changing into a swim suit, just in my school clothes. I suspect we spent a long time in that pool.

Mom grew up on a lake in Wisconsin so she was always in the water in the summer.


There are both my sisters in the pool together. I think Barb learned to swim and walk at virtually the same time. Probably not (it’s a joke) but it felt like it.

We spent a lot of time in that pool.

Ah memories.

Time to get rolling – it is after all a workday!



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