Paris in the winter…
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On our way to Bangkok in 1971 we stopped in Paris. Actually the first stop was our magical visit to Ireland (that I will never forget). The second stop was Paris so dad could prepare for his new job and role. I mentioned before we spent roughly 10 days there.

First picture is of course the first picture everyone takes when they get to Paris. I love how the fog so nicely outlines the Tower.

I don’t remember it raining in Paris my first visit there. I am sure it did because they picture points to not so nice weather. We were there just after Christmas in the city of lights.

I had so many plans while in Paris. Poor mom actually took me to all the places I wanted to go. And Napoleon’s tomb, twice.


Mom loved the French police as they directed traffic.

I suspect that is why dad took this picture. But he took a lot of pictures so you never know.

I don’t recall the moment of the last picture nor could I for the life of me tell you where my youngest sister is related to this picture.

What you see in this last one is the three of us in Paris. Lynne and I are wearing our Irish Wool caps. I loved that cap and of course landing in Bangkok didn’t get to ever wear it again. By the time I could wear it again I didn’t really love that cap. But for the moment of this picture I did still so love that cap.

The moments of your childhood impact the days of later life. What you remember and how you remember those moments are the things that help us keep the world straight.sheet0045

So while I do not remember the street. I do remember the City, Paris.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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