Days I remember and a picture of my sisters? (maybe at least my kids think it is)…
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The kids are doing most of the slide scanning and put this one in family. I am not sure which one of their aunts they think is an alligator. I know there is no way they think their father is one.

Dad had an amazing eye for pictures.

Yesterday in an email from mom I learned something really new. Dad loved to take pictures but he didn’t often share them. Even with mom.

So some of the pictures I am posting here have never been seen other than by day through the viewfinder the first time and then may once when he picked them up.

Pristine unviewed. My apologies to my sisters for my children’s perceptions of you.


While in Bangkok Lynne and I went to an English school. We used to, on the high tide beach at Pataya play cricket. This image is of us playing cricket in 1972 Pataya Thailand.

I also played soccer and rugby. I was never very good at sports but I love watching them and learning the intricacies of the game. I can actually watch a cricket match to this day and understand what is going on. In fact on the weekends when I used to travel to Southeast Asia a lot I actually watched a few. One at the all Singapore Cricket club that was just a whole lot of fun (and a whole day, I did not make the entire weekend match).

We are diligently working to clean up some of the slides. As you can see the years (40+) haven’t been kind to all the slides.


Today we will end with a picture of my little sister and a slide. Who knows where that slide is. Somewhere between Southern Indiana, Wisconsin and Thailand. But the smile is evident (and does it bear resemblance to the first picture hummm?).

The sad thing is looking at the picture of the cricket game I remember them like they were yesterday. Dr. Weigand and his family had come to visit us in Thailand. I think it was just Dr. Weigand and his wife Tally. Later in life in my first teaching job I had a chance to work with Tally Weigand she was an amazing reading teacher. I think all of the adults in that slide except one are no longer with us.

A day I remember for them now.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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