One Day…
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One day.

14 to 16 waking hours.

(depends on how many meetings of course as to the waking status)

One day.

A slice between darkness.

What in the end is one day? Each one day slogging together to produce 7 one days that we call now a week. 365 one days slogged together to produce what we call a year. One revolution around sol. Well almost, still have to turn .25 one day. Then it is one full revolution around sol.

One day.

In one day the world can change.

I wonder sometimes. Sitting in traffic or here writing this blog if the day that past was/is/will be as good as the day to come or worse. Each day of a week sometimes blurring into unforgettable pudding or possibly breakfast oatmeal congealed in a bowl. Will today be better? Is today the day? Or is today like all the other yesterday’s just another tick in a leather belt, another fallen gunperson?

The day a slower draw than yesterday or a fast draw than tomorrow until there is only memories of what was. There in a question in and of itself was yesterday the better day?

I ask myself that often.

Do all your yesterday’s equal one tomorrow? or 1000?

What in a life of days stretched behind you is the point of known return? Or is it rather that it is the days ahead that we should turn to? We should close the door on yesterday and see only tomorrow?

One day.

A wise man once said “he crumples a bag around his yesterday’s so that he can silently drink them in quiet peace. There no more tomorrows for him.”


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

Bangkok 1972 a place of memory, memories of a place…
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Today is my last posting of slides/scans for awhile. I am taking a break from memory lane. I will be back to my regular blog features on this forum starting tomorrow. At some point in the future I will resume the picture blogs.

We are at 4300 of 9200 slides and now 0 of 4800 pictures scanned.

carousel 094

The royal palace in Bangkok. Yes it does have a moat. Plus guards. The King of Thailand actually holds a patent as an engineer. He built a system to solve the problem of static water. In the tropics static water or stagnant water is a huge problem quickly due to the heat. The King invented a system that keeps static water (not naturally moving) mooing. He in the 1970’s was the only monarch in the world with a patent.

He also had a moat. That by the way is cool, too.

When we lived in Bangkok there was a coup de ta where the military took over the government. It doesn’t happen very often but it did while we were there. For a couple of days there was a lot of tension and then everyone went back to living. Sometimes the world of the government doesn’t impact the world of people much. Sometimes it does but in that case it didn’t very much.

carousel 088

There are a number of pictures of Thai movie posters in the Thailand tray. Dad was intrigued by the vast difference between the ones in the US and the one’s in Thailand.

First of all there were many more in Bangkok.

Second of all they were big and everywhere. Some of the US rules didn’t apply which made them interesting. Its been nearly 300 years since the puritans were banished to the wilderness of the colonies. But the puritan spirits is still alive and well!

The posters were always interesting for an 11 year old.

carousel 082

From Bangkok to New York City the best food is sold by the street vendors. Sure there is a risk of sanitary issues but in the end it is the best food.

You learn more about a culture when you immerse yourself in that culture.

As I said above this is my last picture blog for awhile. I need to take a break and move back to my traditional blog components. I hope everyone has enjoyed the many wonderful images my grandfather and father took along with the couple of cool pictures I took or my daughters/sons took as well.

It is a journey.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

Another trip down memory lane somewhere in Thailand…
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carousel 024

Somewhere in Thailand. The disgruntled looking young man in the cowboy hat is me. I suspect as I have done dad took this picture to use later with first dates and such like that there. See, he was always melancholy. Mom is holding Barb and Lynne is standing by mom.

The where is lost but you get the idea.

Thailand is hot compared to Indiana. It took us a couple of months to get to used to being hot. The thing I never lost from living in Bangkok is now when its hot outside I sweat. I sweat a lot in fact. An adaptation my body made in carousel 030Thailand that never really went away.

This picture is a continuation of the first picture from yesterday. This is all of us on the boat. We were heading out to the islands in the distance for swimming around the coral reef and a wonderful picnic.

I didn’t much like eating fish before living in Thailand. I grew to love it there. Of course coming back to Indiana I stopped liking fish for a long time. There is something about fish that hasn’t sat in ice for 2 or 3 days that just tastes better at least it does to my pallet. I’ve found since moving to the East Coast that the fish does taste better, fresher.

carousel 024

This is a slightly wider picture of the same as the first one. There was something down there to look at that is for sure. Dad is in this one in his Thai Dragon shirt. Both of us had Thai Dragon shirts that we loved. Mine was red and Dad’s was blue. Later on a trip to Thailand he brought back another Dragon shirt for me. Like I said we loved those shirts.

Not sure where in Thailand this is.

But that is the whole Clan. Starting on the left was my mother with Barb in her arms. Lynne next to mom and then it was me. Last was Dad facing the camera and smiling.

Dad so loved Thailand.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

Bangkok Thailand 1972
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carousel 012

Laddawan Kanhasuwan. She is one of my favorite people on the planet earth. Dad called her Pi Laddawan, Pi means older sister in Thai. I am sure there is an inside joke with that but I wasn’t privy to it. She was after all younger than my father (by a few month or a year maybe). She always listened to Lynne and I about our school days, what we were interested in and what we were thinking about.

She used to tease my dad and knowing his personality that was good for him. He liked it when people teased him and engaged. It opened the door for him to tease them.

Now that I think about it I suspect that is in the end where Pi came form.

Laddawan was one of the people that made our living in Thailand better. She was always there to help (she also visited us in the United States).

She is one of the kindest people in the world.

We’ve moved onto somcarousel 066e of Dad’s 1972 pictures of Thailand there are many in the upcoming days that are simply amazing. This picture was as we went out to have a picnic on an island. Laddawan didn’t go on boats so she stayed behind. The umbrella was so that she wasn’t exposed to the sun.

A Buddhist monk out and about in Thailand.

There are many wonderful pictures of Thailand. It was game changing experience not only for my parents but also for my sisters and I. For a time we were the minority. We were the ones who were different. It changes your attitude about the world arouncarousel 064d you.

I find great personal peace in the teachings of Buddha.

I find even more peace in the long past eyes of this monk.

In Thailand people had spirit houses that were adorned and protected. These spirit houses were in front of the house so that you passed it on your way in to see whoever lived there.

Some of them were incredibly intricate and told a story of the home. Others were utilitarian but used every day to share with eh sprits.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

I love that smile dad…
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Ride with me into the setting sun and adventure we will have. Beyond the hill beyond the road to the land that time forgot.

I spent a lot of years in Wisconsin as a child. My parents both spent many years there (as well as they both spent many years in Indiana). I spent most summers at the Lake with my mother’s parents. I traveled the state with my Grandfather Johnston (he was a traveling salesmen of sorts. He sold Gym floors and bleachers so he had to travel to sell but his customer’s more frequently called him.)

He and I would ride along the roads of Wisconsin playing car games and talking. I learned so much those summers with Grandpa and Grandma Johnston. Its only fitting that a picture by my Grandfather Andersen triggered those memories and wandering Wisconsin.


This is the house Grandpa Andersen and Grandma Andersen moved to in Sturtevant Wisconsin. I remember visiting this house maybe once or twice in my life.

Yesterday was the last of my father’s and Grandfather’s tray organized slides. Now we have the Carousel’s (some 50 of them or nearly 5200 slides).

Some of the scans trigger memories for me. I remember seeing something or something and loosely associated with the what and where of the picture. Sometimes it takes a few minutes and I recognize the person or place. Sometimes the pictures just blow me away. The picture of my father and I at the bend in the Wisconsin River still bothers me. I don’t recall that picture but I know the bend in the river. There are pictures there of people that haven’t walked this earth in a long time. Standing and smiling at the bend in th100_0666e river.

My father. He was a Grand Man.

This is one of those pictures. No idea where it was taken but I do recognize the person in the picture. The person who took the picture will say “poor composition not a good picture” but in the end it is a great picture. It captures the essence of the man. He was wearing a bolo with a golden something and with his wife.

I love that smile dad.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells…
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I think my grandfather’s best photos were taken around the Wisconsin River. He loved the various locations near the Dells that brought out the scenic and rugged beauty of the place. I know he loved them because there are over 200 slides taken of this area more than anything else he ever took.

This one shows one of the old tourist boats that run along the river. I remember riding in the boats although I couldn’t tell you anything I saw. I love boats. So I loved riding on the boats and enjoying the river I guess without actually seeing any of the sites.

We took the entire family to the Dells in 2008/9. It was an amazing trip that we had an absolute blast going to the amusement park. Poor Barb had to study (working on her Masters) so she wasn’t able to come with us to the Dells.


The first mistake I made at the Dells in 2009 was giving my nieces and my daughter the camera to use. I had just gotten the new Olympus TG-1 and was wanting to test out the water proof and rugged nature of the camera. The girls were willing to do that for me at no charge.

So I have a number of pictures of various nieces and my daughter holding their breath underwater. This is my niece Courtney Ooley swimming for Davy Jones locker at the dells indoor swimming facility.

The last picture here is of the three nieces as they were hanging out at the poor. IT goes from right to left Megan Miser (my sister Lynne’s pride and joy) Courtney Ooley (my sister Barbara’s pride and joy) and finally Jacqueline (Jakki, Chick, Jaguar and or Quilly Bean Andersen) my pride and joy.


They had a blast with the camera that day and took over 100 pictures of people in the water, people underwater, people jumping into the water and so on.

Someday I am going to have to go through all of those pictures and figure out if I really need to store all of them. For the next two years after this picture was taken none of the three girls in the picture would let me photograph them without their tongues sticking out so this one is a keeper.


The Dells trip was all about family. It was my Uncle Keith’s birthday and a chance for all the Johnston and Andersen Kids to get together. Plus all the spouses (except Barb) gathering together in Wisconsin Dells.

Good times.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

Natural beauty and stopping by the road for an Historical Marker….
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My grandfather Andersen took this picture in California in 1960. The slide sets from California are faded badly and I have not attempted to restore the pictures. We will later but for now this image comes to you from more than 50 years ago.

My Aunt Barbara and her husband (Bennet) lived in California in the late 1950’s and into the early 1960s. Neither one of them (Barbara or Bennet) would make it out of the 1960’s.

Mom tells me that Aunt Barbara taught both my father and my grandfather photography and that she was an award winning photographer. So I guess my long held belief that it was a genetic thing is wrong. In fact it was a learned behavior and skill. Nice picture though…


Photograph near Racine Wisconsin. My grandparents (dad’s mom and dad) moved from Wisconsin Dells to a town in Wisconsin near Racine called Sturtevant. They did so because my grandmother’s sister Mart lived in Racine at the time. They moved into a duplex in Sturtevant. That was the last home my grandfather lived in.

Later Great Aunt Mart and Grandma moved to a condo actually in the city limits of Racine. I remember only that there was a Danish bakery around the corner (or so) from their house that made the best Cringle ever. Cringle is a Danish pastry and was actually one of the few deserts my father would eat.

My grandfather Andersen used to love Chocolate Covered Cherries. I hope (but I don’t know for sure) that is where my love of Chocolate Covered Cherries comes from. It would be nice to have one thing from Grandpa Ole. I know his hatred of Tomatoes did not pass to me.


The two of them (my father and his father) loved to take pictures of historical markets. Dad used to stop the car and read them when I was little. He stopped the car still when Lynne and I got older but then he made us read them. I think so far in scanning (figure we are about 1/2 done with Grandpa’s slides and about a 1/4 done with dad’s) I have found 11 historical market pictures so far.

My grandfather Andersen didn’t drive until later in life. So most of the trips he took were on the bus. He came to see us in Chicago, Iowa and Bloomington Indiana via the bus.

I wish I remembered more. Most of the memories you are reading today came from my mother who reads this blog and sends me wonderful historical emails about who was in the pictures when I can’t remember.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Red badge of courage…
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Small town America circa 1962.

Picket fences and the Chevy out front an idyllic scene of a time and place that is no more.

I don’t recall my Grandparents having a white picket fence in the Dells. They may have I don’t remember. I only remember the front entrance way of that house. I don’t even recall the kitchen, or the upstairs just the main entrance of the house and my grandfathers basement. He had a picture in his basement of his regiment from WWI on the wall (that is now in Nick’s room). I recall a saddle in that space and saddle bags but I can’t for the life of me tell you why I recall those two things. I do not recall anything else about that house. We went there a few times over the years and then once Grandpa and Grandma moved to Racine we visited them a couple more times before we left for Thailand. When we got back we stopped by to see Grandma A every year. She was living with my Great Aunt Mart by then.


This picture was taken the year I ran into the tree with a sled. You can see my red badge of courage head wrap. I will never forget dad nearly fainting when he tried to change the wrap. This was before Barb was born but Lynne and I are talking about something. I remember only that my head hurt. It throbbed most of the time for about a month.

Next time I will not play George of the Jungle on a Sled.

This picture is from Racine and the house Grandpa and Grandma had moved to. They left the Dells and moved to Racine. It was on the way to Cambridge or on the way home from Cambridge so we stopped by more often. The Dells is in the middle of Wisconsin a good 2-3 hours from Madison.

I still have the scar from the tree incident although it has faded considerably over the years. I did hit my head so my kids think that explains a lot.


Great picture of my grandfather and two of his grandchildren. I am going to guess that the two kids in the picture are my cousins Laurie and Andy.

Laurie and Andy were the children of my Aunt Patty and my Uncle Fred.

To the left is the Christmas tree and the year is 1967.

This was in Racine I believe but I am not completely sure. As I said my memories of the two houses my Grandparents (Andersen) lived in are fluid and fuzzy.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

The old and the new old…
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This calls to mind the Ezra Pound poem about the red wheelbarrow rusting in the garden. What happens when machines aren’t needed anymore?

The inevitable march of technology. The machine to the right has ultimately less power than a standard car does. The steam engine to produce the power for this vehicle was huge. It was also heavy so that in the end the steam pressure used to move it, didn’t actually blow it up.

Times have changed and technology has moved forward although if you consider this vehicle when it emitted stuff into the atmosphere it was water vapor. That part was good. It was a more renewable vehicle.  I wonder if they had Sirius-XM radio in the old locomotives Smile.

1964 Train museum near Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin.

The interesting reality for me sometimes in having been around the world is that old here in the US is often less than 200 years old. The next pictures from Sweden are of Castles that would in the end be 400-500 years old. I guess that is the difference between the old and the new.


I am a sucker for castles. This one from Sweden in 1972. We were staying in Copenhagen and took a ferry over to Stockholm for the day. During that stay I was introduced to the most wonderful city (Copenhagen, I’ve had the chance to go back) and part of my ancestral homeland. The Danish side of our family comes from my dad and we actually came from Jutland.

I have a picture I took on this trip with my Kodak camera (110 instamatic) of the Lady in the Harbor or as we  call her now “Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid.” Our family name is Denmark was Andreessen (there is a missing mark over one of the e’s or both of them possibly) so we aren’t related to the Master Story teller. He also died childless so in the end it would be really hard to be related to him other than indirectly.

1972 A Swedish Castle.


I suspect I influenced this picture. I loved castles and I loved the concept of a moat. I tried to convince dad once that we should dig a moat around our house. As you can guess that it happen nor did my argument sway him. I would suspect however that on the way into this castle data took the moat picture to shut me up.

I love castles. I have been to castles in many countries of Europe but the first ones I saw in 1972 in Ireland remain the most magical for me. Those are the castles I think about when I say castle out loud.

Go ahead – try it, say castle out loud and see if you don’t have an image of a castle you’ve seen in your head!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

Great pictures of yesterday or perhaps yesteryear…
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Somewhere in Wisconsin 1964.

What a wonderful picture – good composition and an interesting subject. When you see a picture of a flock of geese you always wonder what happened next. Did they fly into an area where hunters were waiting for them guns poised and go no further.

What season was it? Were they flying North or flying South. Or were they simply moving from one lake to another the water grasses they liked to eat tasting funny at this lake so they moved on. Were they startled by a natural predator or were they simply bored.

It is a great picture of a moment 52 years ago that will never be again but will always exist.


Another great moment captured. The train that once served a valued purpose now retired to rust and eventually disappear but even though from the time this picture was taken to now it has probably decayed it isn’t gone yet. Unlike the works of Ozymandias lost forever to the sand these monuments still stand.

I was informed that a picture I posted yesterday that I thought was my Uncle Rick was in fact my Uncle Jim Blair. Uncle Jim I remember he was a Doctor and a very smart man. I always enjoyed talking to him. I believe when I was around 14 he and my cousin Andy moved to Maine. It was my Aunt Barbara and it was from the day of their wedding.

Its always good to know the true story behind the artists picture.


My father always wore a Bolo tie. I never really understood why. I didn’t until I saw this picture have a memory of my Grandfather Andersen wearing a bolo but he did. Dad was following in the footsteps of his father. I guess I could wear a bolo but in the end I hate ties.

There are a number of wonderful train museums all around the country. I have over the years been to a few. My great-grandfather Johnston was a finish carpenter for the Pullman Car company of Aurora Illinois. Whenever I see passenger train cars I always imagine that he put in the finishing wood word of that car. That someone I could connect with him by touching the wood in that train car. Wood that he had touched over a 100 years ago. Perhaps that connection could exist.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.