Natural beauty and stopping by the road for an Historical Marker….
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My grandfather Andersen took this picture in California in 1960. The slide sets from California are faded badly and I have not attempted to restore the pictures. We will later but for now this image comes to you from more than 50 years ago.

My Aunt Barbara and her husband (Bennet) lived in California in the late 1950’s and into the early 1960s. Neither one of them (Barbara or Bennet) would make it out of the 1960’s.

Mom tells me that Aunt Barbara taught both my father and my grandfather photography and that she was an award winning photographer. So I guess my long held belief that it was a genetic thing is wrong. In fact it was a learned behavior and skill. Nice picture though…


Photograph near Racine Wisconsin. My grandparents (dad’s mom and dad) moved from Wisconsin Dells to a town in Wisconsin near Racine called Sturtevant. They did so because my grandmother’s sister Mart lived in Racine at the time. They moved into a duplex in Sturtevant. That was the last home my grandfather lived in.

Later Great Aunt Mart and Grandma moved to a condo actually in the city limits of Racine. I remember only that there was a Danish bakery around the corner (or so) from their house that made the best Cringle ever. Cringle is a Danish pastry and was actually one of the few deserts my father would eat.

My grandfather Andersen used to love Chocolate Covered Cherries. I hope (but I don’t know for sure) that is where my love of Chocolate Covered Cherries comes from. It would be nice to have one thing from Grandpa Ole. I know his hatred of Tomatoes did not pass to me.


The two of them (my father and his father) loved to take pictures of historical markets. Dad used to stop the car and read them when I was little. He stopped the car still when Lynne and I got older but then he made us read them. I think so far in scanning (figure we are about 1/2 done with Grandpa’s slides and about a 1/4 done with dad’s) I have found 11 historical market pictures so far.

My grandfather Andersen didn’t drive until later in life. So most of the trips he took were on the bus. He came to see us in Chicago, Iowa and Bloomington Indiana via the bus.

I wish I remembered more. Most of the memories you are reading today came from my mother who reads this blog and sends me wonderful historical emails about who was in the pictures when I can’t remember.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

One thought on “Natural beauty and stopping by the road for an Historical Marker….

  1. Perhaps the reaction to tomatoes has been passed on to your daughter. Glad your mom is telling you about people you don’t recognize from photos.

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