Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells…

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I think my grandfather’s best photos were taken around the Wisconsin River. He loved the various locations near the Dells that brought out the scenic and rugged beauty of the place. I know he loved them because there are over 200 slides taken of this area more than anything else he ever took.

This one shows one of the old tourist boats that run along the river. I remember riding in the boats although I couldn’t tell you anything I saw. I love boats. So I loved riding on the boats and enjoying the river I guess without actually seeing any of the sites.

We took the entire family to the Dells in 2008/9. It was an amazing trip that we had an absolute blast going to the amusement park. Poor Barb had to study (working on her Masters) so she wasn’t able to come with us to the Dells.


The first mistake I made at the Dells in 2009 was giving my nieces and my daughter the camera to use. I had just gotten the new Olympus TG-1 and was wanting to test out the water proof and rugged nature of the camera. The girls were willing to do that for me at no charge.

So I have a number of pictures of various nieces and my daughter holding their breath underwater. This is my niece Courtney Ooley swimming for Davy Jones locker at the dells indoor swimming facility.

The last picture here is of the three nieces as they were hanging out at the poor. IT goes from right to left Megan Miser (my sister Lynne’s pride and joy) Courtney Ooley (my sister Barbara’s pride and joy) and finally Jacqueline (Jakki, Chick, Jaguar and or Quilly Bean Andersen) my pride and joy.


They had a blast with the camera that day and took over 100 pictures of people in the water, people underwater, people jumping into the water and so on.

Someday I am going to have to go through all of those pictures and figure out if I really need to store all of them. For the next two years after this picture was taken none of the three girls in the picture would let me photograph them without their tongues sticking out so this one is a keeper.


The Dells trip was all about family. It was my Uncle Keith’s birthday and a chance for all the Johnston and Andersen Kids to get together. Plus all the spouses (except Barb) gathering together in Wisconsin Dells.

Good times.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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