I love that smile dad…

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Ride with me into the setting sun and adventure we will have. Beyond the hill beyond the road to the land that time forgot.

I spent a lot of years in Wisconsin as a child. My parents both spent many years there (as well as they both spent many years in Indiana). I spent most summers at the Lake with my mother’s parents. I traveled the state with my Grandfather Johnston (he was a traveling salesmen of sorts. He sold Gym floors and bleachers so he had to travel to sell but his customer’s more frequently called him.)

He and I would ride along the roads of Wisconsin playing car games and talking. I learned so much those summers with Grandpa and Grandma Johnston. Its only fitting that a picture by my Grandfather Andersen triggered those memories and wandering Wisconsin.


This is the house Grandpa Andersen and Grandma Andersen moved to in Sturtevant Wisconsin. I remember visiting this house maybe once or twice in my life.

Yesterday was the last of my father’s and Grandfather’s tray organized slides. Now we have the Carousel’s (some 50 of them or nearly 5200 slides).

Some of the scans trigger memories for me. I remember seeing something or something and loosely associated with the what and where of the picture. Sometimes it takes a few minutes and I recognize the person or place. Sometimes the pictures just blow me away. The picture of my father and I at the bend in the Wisconsin River still bothers me. I don’t recall that picture but I know the bend in the river. There are pictures there of people that haven’t walked this earth in a long time. Standing and smiling at the bend in th100_0666e river.

My father. He was a Grand Man.

This is one of those pictures. No idea where it was taken but I do recognize the person in the picture. The person who took the picture will say “poor composition not a good picture” but in the end it is a great picture. It captures the essence of the man. He was wearing a bolo with a golden something and with his wife.

I love that smile dad.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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