Another trip down memory lane somewhere in Thailand…
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Somewhere in Thailand. The disgruntled looking young man in the cowboy hat is me. I suspect as I have done dad took this picture to use later with first dates and such like that there. See, he was always melancholy. Mom is holding Barb and Lynne is standing by mom.

The where is lost but you get the idea.

Thailand is hot compared to Indiana. It took us a couple of months to get to used to being hot. The thing I never lost from living in Bangkok is now when its hot outside I sweat. I sweat a lot in fact. An adaptation my body made in carousel 030Thailand that never really went away.

This picture is a continuation of the first picture from yesterday. This is all of us on the boat. We were heading out to the islands in the distance for swimming around the coral reef and a wonderful picnic.

I didn’t much like eating fish before living in Thailand. I grew to love it there. Of course coming back to Indiana I stopped liking fish for a long time. There is something about fish that hasn’t sat in ice for 2 or 3 days that just tastes better at least it does to my pallet. I’ve found since moving to the East Coast that the fish does taste better, fresher.

carousel 024

This is a slightly wider picture of the same as the first one. There was something down there to look at that is for sure. Dad is in this one in his Thai Dragon shirt. Both of us had Thai Dragon shirts that we loved. Mine was red and Dad’s was blue. Later on a trip to Thailand he brought back another Dragon shirt for me. Like I said we loved those shirts.

Not sure where in Thailand this is.

But that is the whole Clan. Starting on the left was my mother with Barb in her arms. Lynne next to mom and then it was me. Last was Dad facing the camera and smiling.

Dad so loved Thailand.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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